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Smooth diving near Santa Marta

Smooth diving near Santa Marta

Diving in the Caribbean is a dream come true for most people, the waters are warm and the reefs abundant.

Carpe Diem might be your ideal base to discover what the Caribbean Ocean has to offer. A range of different dive courses, including night dives and fluo-diving, are possible nearby.

We recommend everyone to go diving  with the Belgian diving instructor Dimitri Bracke.

He starts every morning from Rodadero, one hour from Finca Carpe Diem, and most dives are in Tayrona national park.

Dimitri’s diving company is differnet to many others as he is an independent instructor and works with decent equipment and good boats. Dimitri gives personalized courses as the groups stay small, so you get most out of it. Security rules are by no means overseen.

Check out Dimitri’s website to see all he has to offer.




$ 180.000 COP Por persona
Desde Carpe Diem: 1 hora manejando
Duración: 6 horas
Idiomas: Español ,holandés ,francés ,Inglés
Inicio: Mañana
Termina: Afternoon
Dificultad: Principiante

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