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Finca La Victoria

Finca La Victoria
An industrial sized coffee farm

Take a walk through a large scale coffee farm where you can learn all about the processing of the beans from picking to bagging for export. Their tours run for 10.000 per person and are roughly 30-45 minutes long. The guides start you with and end you with a delicious cup of freshly made coffee. If you are wanting to couple the coffee with a snack, there’s a french style café with sandwiches and desserts.

Getting to La Victoria is quite easy. After arriving in Minca, you can either follow the road to Pozo Azul and walk another 30 minutes up or take a moto taxi for a 15.000COP round trip (or 8.000 one way).

La Actividad
  • Try some locally made coffee
  • See 19th century Coffee processing machines
  • Try delicious desserts in the café
$ 10.000 COP Por persona
Desde Carpe Diem: 2 horas manejando
Duración: 1 hora
Idiomas: Español ,Inglés
Inicio: Cuando sea
Termina: Cuando sea
Dificultad: Principiante

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