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Hidden waterfalls of Paso del Mango

Hidden waterfalls of Paso del Mango
Trek through the river

Discover the hidden cascadas of Silvestre. They are amongst the most impressive waterfalls of the whole region. These waterfalls are not easy to find by yourself and are much bigger than the ones you can do on your own. We need a three hour tour to visit all of them – some 4 in total – and the tour includes swimming spots, easy wading in the river, beautiful hiking with wildlife, and a fruit snack in the pool below the most impressive waterfall of this area. This tour is a must if you like outdoor activities and you don’t mind to get wet J. The hike gives you a very good image of the real Colombian wilderness but is doable for all ages and all levels as long as you are able to walk for three full hours.

The Activity
  • Must hike through the river
  • Bring water
  • bring lightweight non waterproof shoes
$ 35.000 COP Per person
From Carpe Diem: 30 minutes walking
Duration: 4 hours
Start time: Morning
End time: 12:00
Difficulty: Intermediate

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