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Las Cascadas de Marinka
Towering and refreshing

If you’re looking for some beautiful waterfalls in Minca to hang out in, this is the spot to check out. With two very large drops (one feeding the other), these falls are great for that kodak instagram pic to make all your friends at home jealous.

The itinerary of this place in Micna is pretty much as follows: Swim around in the pools of water accumulating at the bottom the first fall; Hike up to the top of the first fall and peek over the edge; Swim around in the pool of the second fall and stand underneath the cold falling water; Dry off in the hot sun on the rocks beside the falls.

To get to Las Cascadas de Marinka, walk through town of Minca, past the church, and past the football field. From there continue walking for about an hour.

La Actividad
  • Must pay an entry fee of 3.000 COP upon arrival
  • Make sure to climb up to the second fall
$ 3.000 COP Por persona
Desde Carpe Diem: 1 hora manejando
Duración: 2 horas
Inicio: Cuando sea
Termina: Cuando sea
Dificultad: Principiante

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