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Mini Ciudad Perdida

Mini Ciudad Perdida
The little sister of cuidad perdida

A nice hike of 25 minutes from Carpe Diem will lead you to some forgotten remains of the indigenous Tayrona civilization. Just go for it, you will be surprised about the things you discover.

Along the path, there are several overgrown and beautiful ancient indigenous terraces.  You will also approach a lengthy indigenous staircase leading up to the main terraces. When you make it up to the top, be prepared to be taken aback as you encounter a tremendously gorgeous view. This is the ideal place to take some photos as the green mountains completely surround you. It is not without reason that the indigenous Tayrona people had built their village right here.

Despite the focus of ruins, the mini lost city trail has some outstanding flora and fauna. Be on the lookout for small critters as there are plenty to spot. This place is ideal for reflection and relaxation.

There are many other things you can do in the Mini Ciudad Perdida, such as:

  • Exercising by ascending and descending the indigenous stairs
  • Do this before or after visiting Pozo del Amor
  • Camping
  • Picnics
  • Yoga
  • Jogging

If you would like to do the widely known Ciudad Perdida 4-5 day tour, the famous Lost City, you can do that as well by contacting us through the following “Ciudad Perdida” link.

Ciudad Perdida 4-5 Day

P.S. You can also keep an eye out for some old pottery found on the farm.

The Activity
  • Authentic Tayrona ruins
  • A quick hike from the farm
  • Keep an eye out for pottery

Friends and Recomondations

From Carpe Diem: 20 minutes walking
Duration: 12 minutes
Language: Spanish
Start time: Any Time
End time: Any Time
Difficulty: Intermediate

Interested in this activity? Let us help you book it. Send us a message with any questions you have and/or if you would like to partake.

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