Wood master of Santa Marta

Wood master of Santa Marta

A few months back we had a Belgain footbal juggler and artist, Stijn De Pourcq, stayed in Carpe Diem to help out with gardenwork and promoting the finca, and captured some beautiful footage of a lumberjack slicing some branches from a Campano tree that grew huge branches out a little too far for the safety of our guests and staff. Below is the awesome footage he captured as well as a link to his website.


Afterwards, one of the neighbors used the logs to make small pieces of art and artifacts as well as posts for one of our ecocabañas.

Whether you stay with us a night or a week, you can be sure that we’ll keep the area safe from potential hazards and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Make sure to Check out the filmographer’s website and the various activities that can be done in and around Finca Carpe Diem below.

Local Activities Visit Football Stijn's Website Visit Stijn's artist Website



$ 40.000 - $ 50.000 COP

Flamencos 4 bed dorm

A nice new 4-bed dorm. The room is located in the second house on top of a hill with a small swimming pool and spectacular mountain view. The room comes with air conditioning, first quality mattresses and mosquito nets. The room is located 100 mts from the restaurant and reception following a beautiful stonen path,

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$ 35.000 - $ 40.000 COP

Downstair 4 bed dorm

Nice brand new dorm (2018) for 4 people, perfect for the budget traveller. The dorm is also great for backpackers who like to meet other people and are looking to do hikes and activities around the finca during the day and sleep peacefully and comfortably during the night.

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$ 50.000 - $ 60.000 COP

Riverside tent

A spacious brand new tent with two compartiments (one for luggage 1 x 1 mts; one for sleeping 2,3 x 2,3 mts) next to the river under the mango trees. Spacious, nice and calm atmosphere. Not far from the swimming pools and main facilities.

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