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Although nobody got sick in our direct neighborhood, the impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected us pretty hard as we have been closed for several months. We recognize the disruption the virus has caused not only to us and the world but to you as individuals too. 

Now the good thing: we used the “extra free time” to renovate our rooms and other facilities in an even more sustainable way. We believe all travelers deserve a healthy and peaceful environment during their holidays and we are ready to offer this!

There is loooots of open space and nature all around Carpe Diem. You will find a peaceful, healthy, relaxing and comfortable environment that is hard to find elsewhere.

The remoteness of Finca Carpe Diem makes it easier for us to keep it safe and manage the special corona situation. 

Nevertheless, we are constantly seeking advice from the Colombian government and other relevant entities, such as the World Health Organization, to review our processes as the virus evolves. 

We recognize how important it is to contain the virus, so we follow the required guidelines carefully.

This means a few extra rules for our staff and yourself, including

  • An online check-in process (once you make a reservation we send you a short form by email that you need to fill in, you dont need to print or scan anything,  so it is easy).
  • Extra cleaning (rooms, restaurant area, communal spaces, etc. are cleaned after every usage).
  • We profoundly disinfect the rooms after check-out and check-in is possible only 24 hours after the previous guests have left.
  • You will find hand disinfection or antibacterial gels in your room and all relevant places (toilets, restaurant area, etc.)
  • There is a distance of 1,5 meter between tables in our restaurant.
  • There is a distance of 1,5 meter between beds in a dorm. There are no bunk beds anymore.
  • We do not accept guests for spending only the day. You need to stay at least one night.
  • The cleaning and kitchen staff wears a disposable mask and gloves, and a fluid resistant apron while doing their activities. They also wash their hands with antibacterial gel after every activity (for example when the cleaning of a room is finished). 
  • We care a lot about the service and food preparation. We disinfect all the kitchen utensils that are used for food preparation before and immediately after the end of the service. We disinfect the tables, floors and the whole restaurant area before and right after every service. The kitchen is totally disinfected at the end of the day.