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Lunch and dinner

Carpe Diem serves the best quality seafood, fish, meat, pastas and vegetarian dishes. We find quality and your health important so most is fresh and no fastfood here.

This is a full restaurant so you can always choose between many different dishes. We also serve several entrees and desserts.

Below you find some of our dishes however notice that the menu may have small changes according to what is actually growing on the farm.

Starter: guacamole with toasted bread or with plantain chips

$ 17.000 COP

Avocado from the farm with veggies and toasted bread or plantain chips

Starter: eggplant rolls

$ 14.000 COP

3 eggplant rolls filled with cheese, small pieces of tomato and herbs. Gratinated in napolitana sauce. Comes with toasted bread.

Starter: Breaded seafoods with homemade tartare

$ 18.000 COP


$ 9.000 COP

Toasted bread with olive oil, cheese, tomatoes and herbs

Shrimp appetizer

$ 18.000 COP

A small salad with shrimps, avocado, nuts and toasted bread

Filet minion

$ 32.000 COP

Best quality beef with sauce of pepper-mushrooms, accompanied with french fries, homemade mayonnaise and a nice salad.

Seafood stew

$ 32.000 COP

In coco milk, white wine, accompanied with white rice, plantains and a salad

Tofu thai curry

$ 28.000 COP


$ 28.000 COP

Homemade falafel, comes with greek yogurt, eggplant and spicy dip.

Lentil omelette

$ 28.000 COP

Comes with 3 sauces : yogurt, mango and spicy

Eggplant with greek flavors

$ 28.000 COP

Oven baked eggplant filled with veggies, cheese, herbs and black olives.

Vegetarian Lasagna

$ 28.000 COP

With a variety of veggies including tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower and cucumber and carrots. 2 slices of bread.

Peppers in the oven

$ 28.000 COP

Peppers filled with quinoa, veggies, cheese and herbs. Comes with patacones on the side.

Chicken Carpe Diem

$ 28.000 COP

Oven roasted chicken with honey and oranges from our farm.

Chicken PIri Piri

$ 28.000 COP

Oven roasted chicken in a nice sauce of tomatoes and other veggies, herbs and some chili.

Shrimp salad

$ 28.000 COP

With avocados, shrimps, nuts and other veggies. Comes with toasted bread ans vinaigrette.

Shrimps with garilc

$ 30.000 COP

Fried fish (Bocachico)

$ 32.000 COP

Bocachico is a fish rom the rivers in the area. The dish is typical in the Caribean coast. People fry it and season it with a few drops of lemon, salt and pepper. Accompanied with plantain chips, rice and salad.


$ 30.000 COP

Lasagna is only possible for dinner and you need to order it 2 hours in advance

Arepa with chicken and cheese

$ 16.000 COP

1 or 2 arepas with chicken and cheese on top. (20.000 for 2)

Toasted sandwich with ham and cheese

$ 16.000 COP

Simple / double (20.000) toasted sandwich with homemade bread, ham and cheese. Simple but delicious.

Toasted sandwich with chicken and avocado

$ 18.000 COP

Simple / double (24.000) toasted sandwich with homemade bread, chicken, cheese and avocado.

Vegetarian toasted bread

$ 18.000 COP

Simple / double (22.000) toasted sandwich with homemade bread, mozzarela cheese, cream cheese and mixed veggies.

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Image Placeholder $ 160.000 - $ 240.000 COP


Beautiful 35 m2 ecohut in the middle of the the hills, surrounded by lush forest. An incredible pool at only a few meters outside the cabin. Indigenous styled roof, made with palms from the tropical forest. Nice private bathroom with all services and trimmings, very comfortable king size mattress of the best quality and special...

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Image Placeholder $ 190.000 - $ 270.000 COP


An elegant 30 m2 room with airconditioning, king size high quality mattresses and private bathroom. Great for couples who are looking to have a peaceful, clean and intimate space. Very comfortable king size mattress of the best quality and special fabric to protect yourself in case of any insects. Some nice furniture within the room...

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Image Placeholder $ 190.000 - $ 220.000 COP


A quaint 24m2 room with airconditioning, 2 comfortable high qulaity beds/mattresses and private bathroom. Located just to the side of the main courtyard, it is close to both the pool and the restaurant yet far enough away that noise is not an issue. Some nice furniture within the room and a private terrace outside.

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