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Learn and volunteer

Take the opportunity to discover the real Colombian countryside and have experiences that are somewhat different to what you may encounter in the well-travelled tourist scene.

We welcome interested, self motivated, and adventurous people who want to have a genuine experience and compliment their travels with volunteering. If you are interested then please send us a message.

Are you welcome?

We need volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Helping out in the reception: good English and Spanish is required. Basic knowledge of computer systems is a must and some experience in tourism is helpful.
  • Helping out in the bar: good English and Spanish is required. Previous experience in bar work is helpful.
  • Helping out for basic work in kitchen and dishes. Basic English and Spanish is required.

Volunteering Requirements & Benefits

We have worked with many volunteers over the years and have finally settled on what is a fair exchange that benefits both us as a business and farm and you as a volunteer. The following are what is required while volunteering.

Volunteering in the garden

What is required of you while volunteering:

  • Feel that you want to join this project
  • Helping out 6 hours per day, 6 days per week
  • You must stay at least 3 weeks.

Volunteering by the pool

What you receive in return for volunteering:

  • One day off to explore the surroundings or relax in our facilities (including our swimming pools!)
  • 3 good meals a day
  • A bed to sleep
  • Wifi available for use throughout the day
  • Get involved with our local workers.
  • Be surrounded by the most beautiful nature you can imagine


Get in touch

And that’s it! If all of the above checks out with you and you are still interested or if you have any further questions, then please send us an email. Please write us in Spanish.