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Hike to or from Minca

Hike to or from Minca
Stay the night or return

Colombia is truly a hiking paradise. You can find hiking trails all over the country, from Los Nevados to El Cocuy. However for most of these hikes you need at least a few days; without a guide you can get easily lost and above all else, they are generally quite expensive.

Finca Carpe Diem tries to fill this void. Only at an hour from Santa Marta you can find a base of comfort to start a day hike or multi-day hikes in the mountains. Any hiking trail that you choose will offer spectacular views, a bunch of waterfalls and if you keep your eyes open you see loads of wildlife.

The trails are used by locals, mostly to gather coffee and cacao from the farms in the surrounding hills.

Minca trail

Minca is a beautiful and well-known village in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

You can decide to walk from Minca to Carpe Diem or vice versa – it takes roughly 6 hours.

On your way you pass beautiful waterfalls, amazing vistas of Santa Marta and the surrounding mountains, and chocolate and coffee farms. In general you are surrounded by an overwhelming nature.

You might spot howler monkeys, toucans, eagles, many other bird species, sloths, and other wildlife. This is the true nature you are looking for.

You can discover this beautiful scenery by walking from Carpe Diem. For doing the hike on yourself you need to download the or wikiloc application on your smartphone. Please be aware that Carpe Diem is not responsible for getting lost. Do this only when you are an experienced hiker and realize there is always a risk that you have to return – as this is wild nature and farmers are continously opening new paths

You can also decide to do this hike with a mule and/or guide. The guide has a cost of 50.000 pesos per person, minimum 4 people.

Also, you can decide to come back the same day or stay overnight with our friends at  Mundo Nuevo or Casa Loma. 

The Activity
  • Enjoy refreshing waterfalls along the way
  • Witness beautiful vistas of the Sierra Navada

Friends and Recomondations

  • Casa Loma
    A beautiful hostel with a stunning view of Santa Marta and the Caribbean ocean.

    Visit Website
Duration: 7 hours
Start time: Morning
End time: Afternoon
Difficulty: Advanced

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